Professional Product Manufacturing Course

Product Manufacturing Course

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We have signed an exclusive partnership deal with the manufacturing company! All clients who purchase this course will be eligible for a 5% discount on all mold manufacturing orders for one year! This is huge! With this discount, you can expect to make back the cost of this course within 3-6 orders! The course practically pays for itself with this discount!



Contact details for my manufacturer.


How much you can expect to spend on creating a product, including exact pricing examples from my own projects!

Design File

Learn how to design your file so they understand exactly what you need for your project! Basic skills in graphic designing and use of Adobe Illustrator is recommended but not required.

Mistakes to Avoid

A few tips to avoid making the same mistakes I did that wasted my time and money!

Exclusive Money-Saving Tips

Exclusive tips from the manufacturer and myself to help you save money on the product development process!

Product Development Phase

Steps involved in the product development phase including how to check the quality of the product before final production, how to design your packaging, and shipping information including how to prepare products for Amazon FBA!

Product Research

How to do product research to increase your chances of success!

Private Labeling

Introduction to private labeling services. I personally used this to create some of my other products such as my tsurikawa straps, glitter sets, clay sprinkles, and other products on Amazon!

Personal Coach

Have more questions? I will personally answer (to the best of my knowledge) any other questions you may have during the product development process for your first product!

My Story

My name is Emily and I first started handmaking silicone molds for resin crafting in March of 2019. As much as I loved creating my own molds for the community, mold-making was a tedious and time-consuming process that put a lot of strain on my neck and shoulders. I knew from the beginning that it was not a healthy long-term job for me as I already struggled with chronic neck pain. Not only that, but the equipment and materials to make the molds were expensive and ate into a significant portion of my sales - from investing in a $15,000 laser cutter and thousands of dollars worth of acrylic sheets needed to create the master molds, and then having to purchase silicone for $1500 almost every month, plus having to rent extra office space just to store all this equipment (I could go on and on). I knew it just didn't make sense, not just for my personal health, but from a business/financial standpoint as well. To make things worse, oversea competitors with access to mass production factories were stealing my designs and selling them (in extremely poor quality) for $2 online. I knew I couldn't compete with them because I was selling my handmade products for $20 and barely profiting already.

After a few months of handmaking molds, I started searching for the perfect manufacturer to mass produce my designs. I contacted numerous manufacturers and many of them didn't fit my requirements, and I had a fear that they would steal my designs and sell them online. When I finally did find a manufacturer that I thought was suitable, I trusted them because they lied and claimed they also make silicone molds for another reputable silicone mold shop. I later realized they probably lied about this fact when the products they gave me were far from the quality I was looking for. They continued to give false hope that they could polish the products to my expectations, but in the end they could never achieve it and I had already wasted over $15,000 with them trying to have 10 products made. By this time, I had almost given up on ever having the perfect silicone molds made.

It wasn't until I shared my struggle with my father-in-law that we realized he could help me find the perfect manufacturer! As he lives in Hong Kong and is the owner of a plastic manufacturing factory himself in China, he had connections with other trustworthy product manufacturers through a reputable agency. He helped me find the silicone product manufacturer I use today!

Why should I invest in this course?

Three reasons:

1. Save time
: time is money! It took me almost 2 years to find the perfect manufacturer, and I still wouldn't have found it if it wasn't for my father-in-law's connections.

2. Avoid wasting thousands of $$$ on poorly made products! I wasted over $15,000 on the first manufacturer on poor quality products that I couldn't sell. You don't need to worry about accidentally wasting money on a poor quality manufacturer because this one is already personally vetted by me! Plus, this course also includes exclusive tips from the manufacturer, and my own personal lessons to help you save time and money during the product development phase, AND an exclusive 5% discount on all mold manufacturing orders with the manufacturer!

3. Exclusive partnership deal with the manufacturer giving a 5% discount for one year on all mold manufacturing orders for those who sign up for my course! This is HUGE! You can make back the entire cost of this course within 3-5 orders!

As I shared above, I first started my journey looking for the perfect manufacturer in 2019. It took me almost two years of researching manufacturers, trialing and erroring, and wasting over $15,000 trying to perfect silicone molds only to have it not work out at all until my father-in-law helped me find a trustworthy manufacturer using his own personal connections in his manufacturing network.

In my course, I will share with you my manufacturer AND my own tips that I've learned through personal experience to help you throughout the product development process and make sure you have everything covered. Additionally, I will personally answer any other questions you might have to help ensure you end up with a quality product you are happy with! By investing in my course, you can confidently grow your business without wasting time and money like I did, and you get a huge discount with the manufacturer! This course practically pays for itself with the exclusive discount!

What should I have my products mass manufactured?

Although the initial cost may seem high, the long-term benefits are extremely worth it.

  • You no longer need to waste time handmaking products yourself, and can dedicate more time to other important tasks to grow your business or even finally have time to take care of yourself!

  • Cost per unit is lowered, especially after the initial cost is made back. This means you can charge less for your customers and thereby increase sales - all without compromising the quality of your product and doing none of the tedious, time-consuming work yourself!

  • With handmade items, there may be a long wait time for your customers as the item is waiting to be made. This can deter sales as people don't like to wait or may be in a rush. When items are mass produced and already made, it can be quickly shipped out to your customers thus increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

  • You no longer need to dedicate a large portion of your workspace to handmaking products.

  • Sales are no longer limited to how many you can make.

  • You can finally fight back against large companies stealing your designs! Your designs are less likely to be stolen because they are already mass produced. There is no point for them to invest in it!

What's so great about your manufacturer?

  • Lower price & great quality: not only did they quote me a lower price than my previous manufacturer, but the quality was so much better than the clear molds found on Aliexpress - my customer reviews can confirm this!

  • Trustworthy: you won't have to worry about having your designs stolen. They are an extremely reputable and professional company that handles larger projects, which is why they are not found on Alibaba. They even provide a non-disclosure agreement to keep your products confidential! It's difficult to find a trustworthy manufacturer overseas who truly cares about the quality and confidentiality of your products. I can personally vet that this company goes above and beyond to ensure you are happy with the finished product!

  • Great customer service and clear communication: although the manufacturing factory is in China, they have North American representatives to ensure communication is clear on both sides. I never had any issues trying to explain what exactly I needed and my quality expectations, they always kept me updated along the way, and their customer service has always been quick and helpful! With my previous manufacturer, responses were slow as they only replied on their own time zone across the world, and it was often difficult to communicate due to the language barrier.

  • Multiple services: not only can they manufacture silicone products, but they can also assist with manufacturing other products (i.e. plastic engineering, cut and sew, enamel pins, product sourcing and more), package designing, product storage, and other services if needed. They can even help you with preparing and shipping products to Amazon FBA! The company is truly a one-stop-shop for product manufacturing!

Product Manufacturing Course

Discounted for a limited time only!


Customer Reviews

"I've been following Neko Deco Craft Shop for a while now and their molds are always the best. When they announced they were discontinuing handmade molds and would focus on mass produced molds, I had full faith in the creator. And these did not disappoint!

The quality of this mold is very high and durable. I was able to pour resin multiple times into the mold, use a heat gun (carefully, of course), and the mold still looks brand new..."

- Sarai

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" This mold is such a good value!!! Most resin molds on Amazon are flimsy and don’t last long, so I usually buy handmade molds from Etsy. This pallet is fabulous however! Literally one of the best I’ve seen on Amazon! It is thick and shiny, which is super rare for mass produced resin molds..."

- Michelle

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