Discontinued Clear Molds (B-Grade)


These molds were made by my first manufacturer who I am no longer using due to quality issues. While these silicone molds are sturdy and durable, they include flaws such as smudge marks, scratches, or non-glossy areas. All flaws can be fixed by glazing/doming.

All B-grade products will include videos in the description to show examples of the flaws you may find on these b-grade molds. Please do not purchase if these flaws are unacceptable for you.

All silicone molds will be discounted (option 1) as it is not up to my standards and is not the quality I want to represent my shop; however, the discounted price is far from what I need to make back all the cost I invested into this initial project.
If you would like to help support my future projects for Neko Deco Craft Shop, please consider selecting 
option 2 to help me make back the full cost I spent on creating these molds (I am still not profiting a penny - it is solely to help me make back the initial costs). As a thank you gift, you will be shipped a NEW, higher quality version of this design for free if I am able to re-create this mold with my new manufacturer in the future (no guarantees as it depends on the popularity of the particular design and if I can sell out most of these B-grade molds).

All B-Grade molds are final sale (no refunds/exchanges).