Want FREE molds? Let's collab!

Neko Deco Craft Shop needs your help! We are looking for talented resin artists to help us create beautiful resin pieces to showcase with our molds. In return, you get your artwork and name featured on our pages (don't worry, we always give credit where it's due) AND you get the molds for FREE! This is a great way to promote your own shop and save money on molds! Read below for more details.


  • You receive 3-5 FREE molds every month for 1 to 3+ months with shipping fully covered by us.
    • We will try our best to send the molds that you desire, but we are only able to send molds that do not yet have a resin creation to showcase.
  • Your artwork and name will be credited and linked on the post/listing where your artwork is featured.


  • US/Canadian residents are preferred due to possible complications and delays with international shipments; however international crafters may also be considered.
  • Must be skilled and knowledgeable in resin crafting and using silicone molds, which means: 
    • Being able to create resin pieces with little to no visible air bubbles.
    • Must have experience in making liquid shakers.
    • Must have experience with painting engraving lines.
  • Must be able to create resin pieces with the supplied molds and have them safely packed and shipped to us within 3 weeks of receiving the molds (shipping will be fully covered by us upon providing a picture of the shipping receipt and tracking number).
    • If for any reason you are unable to make and ship the resin pieces within 3 weeks, please let us know in advance to extend the deadline.
  • Must occasionally post photos or film videos of creations made with our molds (minimum 1 post per mold) on Instagram or Youtube.
  • Must tag @nekodecocraftshop or #NekoDecoCraftShop on Instagram when posting creations made using our molds.

Other Important Information

  • For your first time participating, you will be required to make a $20 USD refundable deposit before your first batch of molds is shipped to you. This will be fully refunded once you have completed the requirements and provided proof of shipping. This deposit is to prevent abuse of our collaboration program and is only required for your first month of participation.
  • If resin pieces are not made and shipped out within 3 weeks of receiving the molds and an extension has not been approved by us, you will be banned from participating in the future and your deposit will not be returned.
  • The shipping cost will be refunded once proof of shipment (shipping receipt + tracking number) has been provided.
  • Sanding and doming the back of the resin pieces is not required as the backs will never be shown on images.
  • For shaker molds, you may be asked to send both an empty (non-filled, non-domed) resin piece plus a sealed shaker with filler charms (can be dry or liquid).
  • Adding charm attachments (such as keyrings, etc.) is optional. It is your personal preference how much work you would like to put into a piece, but remember - your artwork and shop will be promoted on our page/Instagram so it is in your best interest to create something you would be proud to show off!
  • Trusted participants who ship high quality resin creations within the deadline and regularly help promote have a higher chance of being approved to participate the next month and receive more free molds!

Want to get started?

Step 1: fill out the application form at the bottom of the page.
Step 2: once you have been approved, you will receive an email with the next steps. Don't be discouraged if you don't hear from us immediately. We may already have all the slots filled for the upcoming month but we may still get back to you at a later time!
Step 3: you may make requests for your desired molds. We will try our best to send your desired molds but keep in mind we can only send molds that do not yet have a resin piece to showcase.
Step 4: before your first batch of free molds is shipped to you, you will be sent an invoice for the $20 USD refundable deposit.
Step 5: once you receive the molds, you have 3 weeks to make and ship the resin creations made with the molds we have sent you. We may have specific requirements, which may include:

  • For shakers: sending 1 complete (filled and sealed) shaker and 1 non-filled and non-domed (blank) copy
  • Non-shakers: 1 resin piece

Step 6: post pictures/videos of resin pieces you have created with our molds in good lighting. Be sure to tag @nekodecocraftshop or #NekoDecoCraftShop on Instagram. This can be pictures of the resin pieces, demolding videos, or resin pouring videos as long as a minimum of 1 post per mold is posted. Alternatively, you may also choose to post the video on Youtube.
Step 7:
 once you have provided proof of shipment (a clear copy of the receipt and tracking number) your $20 deposit will be refunded and you will be reimbursed the shipping cost shown on the receipt. 
Step 8: let us know if you would like to continue participating in future months!  While this may not guarantee approval for future participation, preference is given to those who have sent us high quality resin pieces within the deadline and helped us promote more than just the minimum 1 post per mold.