(B-GRADE) Moon Palette Silicone Mold *LIMITED*
(B-GRADE) Moon Palette Silicone Mold *LIMITED*

(B-GRADE) Moon Palette Silicone Mold *LIMITED*

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This is a B-GRADE mold created by a former manufacturer that I no longer use. 
Silicone is durable and sturdy, but may include flaws such as smudge marks, light scratches, non-glossy surface. All flaws can be fixed by glazing/doming. See video for examples. Please do not purchase if these flaws are unacceptable for you.


This design only has 3 available as these are samples. Because I was not happy with the quality of the other molds, I cancelled the project with the manufacturer and did not have these undergo production although the master mold was already made. 

The silicone mold will be discounted (option 1) as it is not up to my standards and is not the quality I want to represent my business; however, the discounted price is far from what I need to make back all the cost I invested into this initial project. If you would like to help support my future projects for Neko Deco Craft Shop, please consider selecting option 2 to help me make back the full cost I spent on this mold (I am still not profiting a penny - it is solely to help me make back the initial costs). As a thank-you gift, you will be shipped a NEW, higher quality version of this design for free if I am able to re-create this mold with my new manufacturer (no guarantees).

Please see video below for examples of b-grade flaws. Do not purchase if these flaws are unacceptable. All B-grade molds are final sale (no refunds/exchanges).

Do not use excessive heat on silicone molds as this may damage the mold, including a torch or heat gun.

It is recommended to use casting epoxy resin (not doming/table top resin) meant for deeper pours. Doming/table top resin has been known to damage silicone molds as they are not meant for thick layers. If you are unsure and need resin recommendations, feel free to contact us!

Made with food-grade silicone, but do not use with food if mold has already been used with resin.

To clean, simply use tape to stick up any dust/lint, or wash gently with soapy water. Avoid the use of sharp objects or solvents as this will dull the shine.

    Material: clear silicone

    This design is exclusive to Neko Deco Craft Shop. We encourage you to sell resin artwork made with our molds, but remolding the design is not permitted.



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