Professional Product Manufacturing Course

Professional Product Manufacturing Course

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Want your own professionally mass-produced products? By investing in my course, you can skip the headache of searching for your own trustworthy product manufacturer and wasting time and money on poorly made products like I did when I first started!

Course Contents

  • Introduction to professional product manufacturing
  • Manufacturer information and contact details
  • How to do product research to increase chances of success
  • Introduction to private labeling
  • How to design your file for the manufacturer using Adobe Illustrator
  • How to communicate project design requirements without Adobe Illustrator
  • Exclusive 5% discount information
  • Detailed manufacturing costs from start to finish
  • Exclusive tips from the manufacturer (and myself) to help you save money and avoid mistakes during product development phase
  • Steps in the product development phase
  • How to check the quality of the product and request improvements before final development phase
  • How to design your packaging
  • Shipping information and how to prepare products for Amazon FBA


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